Personal Statement

Introductions are interesting. They tell someone so much about you in such a short amount of time that it can form entire opinions about them in a matter of seconds. I hope though that my introduction then has caused you to think that I am a curious and creative kind of person. I want you to think that because that is what I believe I am. Curious and creative. These words mean so much more to me than questioning and arty. They show persistence and artistic presence. More over I feel like my interests and personal life really synergises with that. My main interests include writing, illustration, graphic design and film. All of these different forms of media have sculpted me into what I am today through influences and life lessons that they have taught me. They have taught me to question, to strive for better and always to create something that makes people think and to ask their own questions. This mentality throughout my life is what has caused art and media to become my passion and biggest interest in life. It’s something that I never want to stop doing.

Ever since I first started using photoshop seriously I knew that this was what I wanted to do with my life. Creating adverts, magazines, logos etc. I like to see myself as a creative person with a great imagination and I feel like digital art is the best way to portray my creative side and my work. It was a hard decision to come to really as there are many different directions to take with art and media. So there is a large part of my life which was dedicated to experimenting with designs and different forms of media such as fine art, illustrations, filming, photography and finally graphic design. After using Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator, this was when I decided that graphics and visual communications was the path that I wanted to take and the career that I wanted to pursue. I am still unsure about what I want to do at the end of the course however I know that I want to work in marketing and I feel like the best way to achieve that is by taking this university course.  The course that I am currently on is a level 3 BTEC in creative media, which covers most if not all media based subjects. This course that I am on was more or less the entire reason that I decided to pursue graphic design, it has opened up so many new doors for me and shown me so many new experiences that it has driven me forward towards university. This brings me round to why I want to be on this course and why I feel like I would be a great addition to your university. I am passionate about my subject, creativity and art encompass my entire life so you can see how much I enjoy working with and around it. I am punctual and have discipline from my experiences at college and working as a cleaner, meaning I am very capable of working with people, being adaptable, as well as being thorough and reliable. I feel like all of the attributes are incredibly important especially when working in a University environment. I feel like I am ready for University because of who I am, my experiences from travelling and from many incredible life experiences have turned me into a mature and well rounded adult.

When looking at Roger Dean’s work, I am filled with an inspiration to create and for crazy, fantasy styled ideas. While Roger Dean’s work isn’t exactly graphical and instead fine art, his ideas are what stand out most to me and his creative drive which helps him create such amazing pieces of work. Inspires me to create work based on these ideas. I have never been able to settle on a single graphic artist as their work is either all very similar or doesn’t stand out enough for it to stick in my mind. However Roger Deans work has always stuck with me and always inspires me to create something different and crazy.

My interests and hobbies mostly follow the same pattern of some kind of art form, whether it be writing, video games, filming or photography. However travelling has always been a great interest of mine as the feeling of discovering something new has always intrigued me and has become a passion of mine. I feel like this is a great passion to have and be interested in as travelling does so much for ones personality that it can totally change someone’s personality and develop their maturity. My earliest memories however mostly consist of me drawing in front of the TV and watching movies with my mum. She is pretty much my biggest inspiration in life to pursue art and media as she has always pushed me to go further with my work and to always try new things. I think that being exposed to so much media and art at such a young age has also made a lasting impression me as it has turned into my passion and main interest in life. Drawing to a conclusion for this however I am a persistent, determined, hard working and creative person with so much to prove, show and create that I feel like I am an excellent fit for your university.



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