Educational Poster – Research

I started looking at different educational posters aimed mostly for children and young adults. I wanted to look at these as this is not only my audience but they tend to bear good ideas in order to help me understand what I would need for my own educational posters.

This is the first poster I looked at and while it isn’t a conventional educational poster, it is teaching children emotions and why people ‘give up’. I want to look at the style of this poster which is very minimalist and basic in terms of colour as it only has three colours on it. This is something that I want to duplicate not compositionally but stylistically.


I love this style of minimalism and design, it’s so simple in terms of style and colour that it speaks directly to the kind of poster that I want to create. There isn’t much else to say about this piece other than the style which I hope to recreate and take influence for one of my own pieces.


These next two pieces are actually very basic in design however I really admire their different approaches to create these posters. The first being very busy but organised at the same time. Being able to get the simple information across without it being intrusive or overwhelming. The second however is the complete opposite, it uses primarily negative space in order for it to create such a powerful poster. I really love this style of minimalism as it is so easy to create but it helps it stand out so much more than other pieces.



This kind poster is something that I would want to avoid is possible. It’s very text heavy without strong enough imagery or design to back it up. I thought I would include it in order to show the direction that I don’t want to take with these posters.



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