Initial Idea Generation

I started my initial idea generation by creating 8 ideas and then choosing 4 from that. I wanted to create something simple and straight forward so I looked for the designs that could be eye catching and interesting at the same time as I want the fact along side it to actually be interesting. The 4 ideas I ended up going with was; “There are currently 149 missing ships around the world”, “The Mariana’s Deepest point is the Challenger Deep which is 10,994m down”, “Fangtooth fish live about 2,000m under the sea but have been found at depths of up to 5,000m despite only being 6 inches long”, “Only 5% of the Earth’s ocean has been explored”. I chose these facts and designs because they’re eye catching, simple and also interesting.

I want to aim this at small children so I want the pictures to be easy to digest and simple to understand.




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