Poster draft – Pie Chart Earth

For this poster I wanted to create a pie chart styled poster using the Earth in order to display the amount of ocean that has currently been explored. I started drafting this by using this basic design which is what I wanted as I was aiming at using minimalism in order to create my pieces. I then cut out a piece of the Earth and raised it and added the brown under it to make it seem like the 5% of the planet had been raised up in order to make it more eye catching. I decided to keep the background clean and empty and made it dark grey rather than black in order to keep the minimalistic art style and not use solid bold colours.

What I don’t like however is the stroke outline around the slice as I feel like it distracts too much from the rest of the image and I’d rather if it seemed seamless rather than forced. I think this is the main thing I would change about this and then see if there’s anything else I could change.


As I was removing the stroke I realised that you could barely tell the which part was raised as the brown stripe stood out way too much and just made it messy. I fixed this by turning down the opacity of the larger segment of Earth in order to make it darker. I think this was a much better idea and is a lot more striking and noticeable without being too intrusive or in your face.

I think what I would change next would be the text, I like it as it is now however I think that I should make it all capitals in order to keep it the same and clean.


This is the final picture. I am very happy with the end design and feeling of the picture and I will provide a full evaluation of all my pieces in one post. However for now I will continue to think of anything I could change however I am very strapped for time and so this may not happen, even if it doesn’t, I am still very happy with my final result here.



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