Fact Poster – Missing Ships

When creating my ‘Missing Ships’ poster, I wanted to make it as child friendly as possible due to the darkness of the fact itself. I started by using solid pastel colours in order to create a minimalist design while also keeping the shapes simple and angular. However this design just didn’t stand out to me due to the vast amount of negative space which I’m usually a fan of however I just don’t think there is enough in the way of creative design to make up for it. I figured it needed something extra to help break up that background space.

draft 1

This is what I came to as it helps remove some of that negative space which I am big fan of however I still think that the boat just isn’t good enough to be included in this poster. One idea that was suggested was to me was to use 149 ships on the poster each one representing each lost ship. However one problem I face is if I would use my pre-made ship or a clip art one. I think because of my design I would rather use a clip art ships since it would just look cleaner and having it as one colour would help it stop clashing so badly with the background.

draft 2

This is my final design. I am actually really happy with how the design worked out in the end and I don’t think it’s too overwhelming or busy as it is a basic grid design against a solid background. The text is large and easy to read and the question mark in the background has been made slightly translucent to help it be less vibrant. I also changed the blue to be brighter in order to perhaps make it more positive rather than it be filled with dark tones.

Facts Poster - ships


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