Facts Posters – Final Evaluation

To start off my evaluation I have my favourite poster which I created throughout this project. I included this in my portfolio because I believe that it is strong in composition, design and originality. I love the pastel colours which blend together well and flow throughout the picture without anything clashing or drawing the eye from the focus point. This is the poster I spent the most time on however due to my time limitations I wasn’t able to draft, experiment or mess around with as much as I wanted to. Despite this however I am incredibly pleased with the end result and I believe that this is easily my strongest design.

Oceanic Graph 1

This next poster was actually meant to be part of a short series of different aquatic animals however due to the lack of time and also my desire to create broader and more varied pieces, this never happened. However I do love this minimalist design and easy to understand graphics and information. I think that the ‘Fangtooth’ is eye catching enough to gain attention from young children while also having a fact that would interest anyone in my target audience range (4 – 12). I really wish I had more time to create more designs and experiment more with composition and colour however I am very pleased with my final result. The only thing that I would change would by the banner text, I like it however I wanted to try out different fonts and re-create that ‘F’ as it isn’t quite right.

fangtooth fish

In my opinion this poster was actually the riskiest as I had absolutely no idea how I was going to make this. I ended up with this and I couldn’t be happier with the final result. It’s clean, it’s minimalist, it’s super easy to understand and the design is creative and eye catching. The biggest thing that I would change about this piece however is the text, which is slightly abrasive and in your face. I would perhaps want to try using a different font or just making the text smaller. However with the concern for time I wasn’t able to experiment as much as I wanted, much like every other poster I created.


This next poster is probably my least favourite and one that I wish I could go back to for a couple of hours just so I could pin point exactly what’s wrong with the poster and what I can change about it. I think the biggest problem are the boats which should have more variation to them and should perhaps be hand made in order to make the design more original. I do however love the concept of this poster the most out of every design, the fact to me is fascinating and the possibilities with it are limitless, it’s just such a shame I wasn’t able to spend more time exploring this design.

Facts Poster - ships


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