Initial Skater Clothes Research

When looking at skater clothes, I have to consider all the types of clothing I want to create designs for. So far I have decided that I want to create a t-shirt, jumper/hoodie and hat design. Therefor all of those will be covered below, however I have also included shoe designs, this is because I am still very undecided on whether I am going to actually create designs for them. The reason for this is that the designs tend to be black and white or just two colours rather than an actual design. There are already lots of companies that make shoe designs that appeal to skater audiences and so I feel like it wouldn’t be worth spending time on them.

The first shirt design however isn’t necessarily a great design in itself however it is creative and eye catching which is something that I want to achieve with my designs. So I will consider using repetitive images and skating related imagery.


This next design is very basic however it is a great example of incorporating a company logo into your designs. Even though I am creating a company or a logo for said company. I am looking to possible use already existing logos from either bands or from large brands in order to create my designs. Therefor this is actually very useful to look at.


This next design follows the same as before in how you can use a logo as a design without having to use further designs and make it more complicated.


This next design is a little out of my league of what I can create however I still really like this design and I could possibly create something similar using layers, filters and typography. However I would need to plan everything out with this kind of design but I would have no idea where to start with it. I guess this is something to consider.


Personally I love this design because of it’s angular shapes and basic flower designs. I also love the typography used in this design as it is very modern and hipster. While I haven’t pinpointed my exact audience yet, this is would be very useful if I decide to go down the indie/hipster route with my designs.


The next kind of designs I started to look at were jumper/hoodie designs. I really have no idea what kind of designs would best suit these however I know that the designs will likely be very similar to the shirts however this could easily change if I get a spark of inspiration or just make a clear decision to make the designs completely separate. While I don’t like this design in particular I do like the logos used and the composition, I just wish the background was changed to something less horrible to look at.


This next hoodie in my opinion is how you make a logo design and use a suitable background colour while still making it look good. While this design is very mid 90’s, the theory still applies of how this was made and the composition used which is something I can still take inspiration from and take on board.


This next hoodie design is easily my favourite out of all of them however it is also by far the most complicated. If I were to make something this in depth, I would only do one because of how much time it would likely take to create something like this. I think that the sleeves would actually be the easiest part and having that pattern as an entire hoodie design would actually look amazing. This is something to consider doing as I love repetitive designs especially when they are this in depth and detailed.


This next image is detailing outfits that are common amongst skaters rather than specific items of clothing. The most notable parts of this outfit are the sunglasses, hat and t-shirt. The sunglasses are basic and have no real design to them however it is an integral part to the indie look which she is going for. The hat is very in line with modern designs and colours which is important to note since I am wanting to create hat design(s). The t-shirt is rolled up in the middle making it hard to make out the design however from what I can see, it seems to be a simple box design with a blue pattern and white typography.


This next image is portraying the typical male hipster skater which for the most part seems pretty accurate. Which is something to consider as the shirt is just a simple flannel. The only part of the outfit with design is the hat. I know this would vary from person to person however if I want to nail my target audience I have to appeal to what they want out of their clothes.


The same can pretty much be said for this next image which is depicting the most typical skaters fashion and just everything about them. Again this isn’t much use in terms of actual design ideas however it is useful for future target analysis.


Moving onto hat designs, I found that a lot skaters seem to wear snap backs and beanies rather than baseball caps or have their hoods up. The most popular seems to be snapbacks so this is probably the style of hat I will be going with when creating my designs. I really have no idea what kind of direction my designs will take however I do really like this tropical vibe that this first hat is portraying. This will be something to consider when creating my designs as I want it to be fashionable but still relating to skating in some way.


When looking at beanies I found that the designs were a lot more basic and we mostly knitted caps. The designs were two toned or simply designed since they had to be knitted together, there isn’t much space for creative design. Since I am doing my work in photoshop however I can really do whatever design I want without the repercussions of actually having to make it.


Much like the first design, this design is very floral and tropical which seems to be a popular theme amongst modern, indie skaters. Something to consider is the rise of new fashion and how that has effected the skating industry.


This next design is a perfect example of logos being implemented into designs and while the hat looks good and is well made, it’s extremely boring to look at and really doesn’t catch the attention of anyone. This seems like a safe design option and while that may be something I have to do, I think that the tropical theme is much more viable and interesting to do.


I really don’t like this hat however it’s still a good piece of research as it shows how to use a logo with a design and then use a background which totally ruins the whole thing. Still though it’s important to note the composition of the logo and the colours used to help the “Monster” stand out so much.


For a lot of these shoe designs I found that most of them went along the same path of using the exact same kind of design which is black and white or black and grey, with the one exception at the end which uses grey and maroon. I found it hard to find shoes with actual designs on them, let alone designs that related to skating companies. I think it’s important to talk about this because it kind of justifies why I don’t really want to do a shoe design, not only will it take more time but it will also be really difficult to pin point what I want and how I want it to look, or even if my eventual audience would like the designs.





I did find some shoe designs though and I will talk about them briefly just in case I change my mind about this later, which while doubtful, is still very possible. This design below is very simple however I love them because of their contrasting colours and sleek design which help the roses stand out so much.


This next design is much like the hat designs and is very tropical and colourful. I know that I am not going down this route of shoe design, however if I do change my mind on it, this is the exact kind of thing that I would want to be recreating.


This is the only example of using a skate company as branding. I love the Santa Cruz design because it can really be applied to anything and it looks amazing and this is no exception. I love this design and the colours used and I wish that I could use a logo or icon that would identify my brand easily. I may actually end up making one without a company attached to it, just as a simple part of the design that could link them all together.



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