Artist Research and Analysis

The first typography artist I looked at was a tumblr blogger who simply goes by the name ‘Snevi’. His real name isn’t posted anywhere however I actually added one of pictures to my research on Pinterest when I was looking into designs and researching skateboard prints. I think his images are stylish and clean, and considering he works in mostly typography, he is a great artist to research into as I also want to do at least one or two typography pieces in this project. I think his work will benefit me greatly in idea generation and creations. Hopefully I will be able to take influence from his designs and create something unique.

The next artist I looked at was Dave McKean who is a comic book artist that worked on Neil Gaiman’s comic book series ‘Sandman’. Dave was one of the leading artists for this project and created all of the covers and a lot of the characters inside the books as well. His main area of focus though was creating weird and distorted pictures to go in tune with the strange, out of this world experience that the book was trying to convey. The picture on the left and bottom right are from the comic and you can see his character style and abstract art that he also creates, as can be seen by the image in the top right. While his work is well out of my league, I can still use a lot of this as secondary influence as a lot of this can be created using Photoshop filters and layers. This is not totally impossible and I think that incorporating this into a skateboard design would be very interesting to see.

The next typography artist is very different from the first and that’s David Carson. His work to say the least is chaotic, striking, punk influenced and generally very confusing to look at. That being said though he is possibly one of the greatest graphic and typographic artists of all time. I think that while his designs aren’t exactly the kind of thing I am looking for, I thought it would be a good idea to look into his work and look at why he has become so famous and successful. I think that experimenting with his designs though couldn’t really hurt and will probably be looking into in the future.

Jim Lee is the next comic book artist that I will be looking at here. Something I found hard to find were comic typography artists as they seem to all mostly work in actually comic book art and the typography side of it seems to be more secondary than a primary concern. However I can still apply what I found from comic book artists into my own work and how I want to use them in order to influence my designs. Jim Lee is an incredibly talented artist and while I wouldn’t be able to create something at that level, I am pretty confident in using the compositions from his pieces and whatever bold fonts I can find in order to make my own designs.



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