Target Audience Analysis

When trying to decide on my target audience, I realised that there were two different demographics to take with this. The first being 14 – 21 year old Punk/Pop-punk styled young teenagers and adults. The reason I initially when for this audience was because this was the main group of people during the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s when skateboarding was at it’s peak in popularity. I wanted to keep to that audience because I knew that it would be clear and concise what kind of designs that they would want. I then began researching however and found that the style of graphics that I work in, didn’t line up at all with that audience. Instead I realised that my work better suited an Indie/Hipster demographic. Following this audience means that I can do the exact kind of designs I want to do and still be relevant to my audience.

Quickly going over the basics of what my target audience is, I am targeting:

  • 14 – 25 year olds
  • Male + Female (Equal Demographic (Not lenient to one sex))
  • All Races
  • Middle Class
  • Students and young workers
  • Artists and Writers

The reason I want to target such an audience like this is because it is actually extremely broad and easy to create designs for that would appeal to them. Artists and creative people in general especially as they love any design which is unique, creative or captivating.

scan 4


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