Drafts – Clothes

When I started with my clothes designs, I took the designs straight my initial idea generation and research in some cases. For this tropical shirt especially, I took a lot of inspiration from my researched shirts. I didn’t really know what I was looking for when making my shirts and hats, (the jumper designs would be either the same as the shirt designs or very similar). I wanted to look for something indie, and something that I could have some original designs for rather than implementing someone else’s work. That’s the problem that I have with this shirt, there isn’t a lot of room for originality and while I could easily improve on it, I don’t think what I could make would be adequate for what I want to do.

Tropical shirt draft 1

I had a similar problem with this hat as well. While I do actually like the design, I have the same issue as there isn’t much room for my own work without completely changing the design and I’m not sure if I’m confident enough for the design to be better. While I think the design is very good and would definitely apply to my audience, however I think there are other directions that I can take with my designs with it still be original and completely made by me.

tropical hat Draft 1

This rocket design is much more appealing to me, since it is completely my own design and I’m a really big fan of this design. I like the cartoonish style and the completely cured shapes and bold colours. I think the biggest problem with this however is that I don’t think this would ever apply to my target audience as I want to target young adults and this is something that you would find on a kids article of clothing. This is a real problem for me as if I’m going to be going forward with a design, I want it to be linked to my audience otherwise there’s no point in doing it.

Rocket shirt Draft 1

I decided that I wanted to connect at least one piece of my clothes design to my skateboards, since these were done after the boards, I already know what I was going to be doing for my skateboards. Since my favourite design was the Japanese board I decided to use that flag for this hat. There is a lot for this change technically but I think that this design has a lot of merit and a lot of potential to being a good design, something that helps link my two products together, I also think that this also has a great link to my target audience as the design is unique and colourful, two things that would constitute as indie.

Japanese flag hat draft 1

When I started on my third design for my shirt, I was tempted to go ahead with my typography design from my board, however I didn’t just want to copy, paste my designs onto something else. I wanted something unique and different, but also something that would follow a similar colour scheme and something that would also apply to my audience just as well as my board. What I came up with was this design. To be honest I think I might have found the perfect design for my shirt, I don’t know what I could do to improve this design. I don’t want to add more cracks to it because I don’t want to put too much into it and make it more complicated than it needs to be, I also don’t think that moving the shattered pieces further out would work either as it’s already pretty close to the edge of the shirt, any more and it would go over the shoulder.

card suit T-shirt 1 draft 2

This is what I took influence from for my designs, I really liked this when I first saw it and decided that since I was doing 2 shirts and 2 jumpers, I could do the same thing that I did with the boards, and create a set of 4, since there are 4 suits it will make a lot of sense to do this. I also think that having 2 sets of matching products will add more to the idea of having my exhibition set up like website store front and have the designs all together. I really like this concept and I think that it will apply to my audience because of the connection to technology while keeping it simple and clean.


After drafting my designs in my book, I went ahead with the design and created them in Photoshop, I found that all the designs were exactly what I wanted when I made them, I experimented a lot in my book however when I was actually making the design, I found that the designs were easy to create, and the sporadic cracks and tears were most effective when they had as little planning as possible in order for it to look as authentic as possible.

card suit T-shirt 2 draft 1

I did exactly the same thing for this piece as well which is actually my favourite design because of the vivid shapes and multiple breaking points rather than just the one. I decided to go with a gun shot style for this one, I tried to make them all unique while keeping the style the same. That helps the variation of the pieces and doesn’t just mean that they are duplicated across 4 different shapes.

Jumper 1 draft 1

The final one was totally different from the others, because of the unique club shape, I decided to go for a large piece being snapped off rather than looking like it’s been shattered. I think that this was the best choice for here as it added even more to the variation and the wide range of possibilities.

Jumper 2 draft 1

Despite the fact that my final shirt/jumper designs were completed, I still decided to do some final experimentation with what I had made just to see if there was anything else I could have done with the designs. I decided to try layering them over each other in order to get that contrast of colours and shapes. What I found though that by doing this I was effectively cutting the amount of final designs that I had in half and I didn’t want to have to go back this far into the projects and come up with two more. So while I think that this is a very good design and as a one off would be an easy choice over the vanilla designs, and while I think that it would be very well received by my target audience. The final design isn’t going to change for this and will remain the same.

layered shirt test 1

I did the same of the jumper as well which honestly didn’t work as well as the first one as the clubs cracks and breaking is very hard to see. However I do like the black behind the red and if given more time, I would have experimented more with colours and how I could have made them red and black shirts/jumpers for each suit.

jumper layer test 1

This is my final hat design, for it, I changed some parts on the connecting part between the sun visor and the rest of the hat in order to incorporate the colour into it. I also added a darkening effect to it and changed the red slightly to a more pastel red to make it more vibrant. I then added a fade to the background just so the white would stand out more and not get lost amongst the white background. I think that this hat is a great way to connect the clothes and the boards together and connecting to the target audience like all the other designs.

Hat Draft 3




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