Drafts – Logo

During one of my tutorials, I was given the idea that since I was doing branding, I should consider a logo and name so I could connect these pieces together as my own piece of work. I wasn’t sure if I was going to follow through with this, but I decided to try it and see if it would be worth it. I began by brainstorming names, once I had a reasonable amount, I quickly sketched what they would look like on a board and then had my peers vote on which name they liked the most. After a number of votes, “Delirium” was the most popular and so I went with that.


I then started working on some initial logos and what I could do with the word. I wanted the logo to be word based and minimal so as not to create too much work for myself as I was didn’t have enough time to create a full logo and back it up with market research. I circled my favourite designs and took them into photoshop to begin my first and only draft of these logos.


The first logo was to have it hand written like so to give it a smooth and fancy style. I wanted to use this style and I would have used a font for this however I couldn’t find one that I was satisfied with, so I hand drew it with a tablet. I really didn’t like this logo in the end as it just seemed tacky and amateur. I decided to scrap this idea and moved on.

Board grip delirium 1

The second logo was very simple and to have it doubled to make it dream like and confusing, this was to connect the word to the design. While I do like this design, I’m not sure if this is what I want to go for as I want something bigger and bolder. I don’t even think I’m going for a logo but for now I’m just going to see this as a point to work from rather than something to consider.

Board grip delirium 3

This design I actually like, however it isn’t something that I would associate with clothing, it’s more something that I would see as a clothing line brand or a cafe. I just don’t think that it belongs here so with that I will move on from this to my next and final design.

Board grip delirium 4

Out of all of them, I felt like this was the only design that I could actually see on a skateboard. I really like this design and I wanted to take it a step further to see what I could do with it.

Board grip delirium 2-2

I decided to shift the top half of the word up to make it more disorienting and hard to look at. I did this on purpose to once again play to the words strength and have the logo make sense. I really like the size and the positioning of this logo on the board and I think that if I was going with a logo and a name, then this is the exact kind of thing that I would want. However I have decided not to go with this in the end, but to instead link all my work together as my own personal work for something like a portfolio. I have decided to print my personal logo and use that on my display as a way to link all my work together.

Board grip delirium 2-1

This is my personal logo, and it will be used as a front for my work. I think that this is the best way to get connect my work without the additional work. It also means that I can easily link it to my portfolio and for my facebook page.



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