Primary Research

Finding primary research for this topic has been very challenging for me as only two of my friends currently own skateboards and there are no skate shops nearby. Thankfully I was able to get pictures of their boards but there was a problem with them straight away. They we both aimed towards an audience I wasn’t targeting, this first one especially is a punk theme with the skull, the black and white, and the scratches on the paint and edges. So while this is primary, I can’t really use this for my own designs since it is targeting a completely different demographic.


For this one, it’s a little more applicable for my audience however the style isn’t something I am going for. Despite this however there is typography on it, which does apply to my work. This board has gone for a combination of bubble letters and a graffiti style which isn’t something that could help me. It is interesting to see how it is applied on the board and the way they take the wheels into account when putting their words on it. They don’t want them to be cut off by the trucks so it curves around it so it is clear and easy to read. My designs however are more based in the centre, since the characters are so big and also in another language, I think that I can get away from it, and the design wont have to be changed, that would also be very difficult and also impractical given the amount of time I have left.


Much like the first board there really isn’t a lot I can take from this, it’s totally beaten up and the paint is completely worn away. While there is typography on it, it’s barely readable anyway. On the wheels however it is clear to read and it is interesting to see how it has been arced around the wheel. While that would make a lot of sense, it wouldn’t for my design since the words that are used are made up of single characters rather than letters.


I’m not a fan of this design however I do like the simplistic design and colour scheme which ties into my designs. Out of them all I would count this one the most indie based on the colours, the style, and the shapes used. I think from that I can take the most influence to my own work as I admire it’s use of negative space and using the style to it’s strengths. While there isn’t any real typography on this, I can still apply this knowledge to my work as the composition ideology is the same.


When looking at clothing styles, I went to my own wardrobe and selected a small but eclectic range of clothes, making sure to get a mixture of indie and punk to try and cover as much as I could. These were the best examples I could get together. The first being a white/tropical shirt with typography based on the pocket. This shirt is the most indie out of all of them and it really shows with it’s vibrant design, it’s massive use of negative space and the unorthodox use typography on the pocket rather than the main body of the shirt. I had not considered using a pocket tee however after this, it may be something to think about as it isn’t something that you ever see as pretty much all shirt designs are basic t-shirts, pockets are usually used on shirts and flannels.

The second tee is a fantasy shirt with a knight on the front. It doesn’t really fall into a style and is more of a personal preference kind of shirt. I included this because I wanted to look at clothes that aren’t stylised for a specific demographic but is instead just made because someone liked the design and wanted to put it out into the world. This is an interesting concept as it opens the possibility of making a range of shirts that aren’t directed just towards my target audience but instead just exists.

The third shirt is a Blink-182 shirt and is the most punk out of all of them. This was added to show the different kinds of styles and design possibilities based on the audience and how it effects the shirts because of that. Since I am not going for a punk style, I don’t think that this will be much help to me, however it is good to see the different directions that I could take with this if I were to follow a different audience.

The fourth item of clothing is a flannel and is just there to show the varied range of clothes worn by punk/pop-punk skaters and to show the different variations that they take with their clothing styles. While flannels are very indie/hipster, this specific colour scheme is more punk because of the colder colours.

The final piece is a very indie hoodie. With the modern circular design and pastel colour scheme, it’s apart as indie as you can get with clothing. This is definitely something to take inspiration from as the design is vivid and well composed. While I don’t think I ‘m going to be making something like this at all, I can still consider how the artist made this and what went into the design process.

I then got some quick pictures of full day to day outfits that was worn by myself and by my friend. I found that we both had very similar taste and style in clothes as we both wore flannels, converse shoes and skinny jeans. I found that since we both have similar styles, both learning more towards indie/hipster, by looking at what we wear, I can come to terms with the kind of designs I could think about and what my typical target audience members would wear.

This is my hat, it’s the only hat I own that was the same as the one I wanted to create a design for. This one is just simple blue and brown with a band logo on the front of the hate with nothing else. While this is something I wear, I think that my design doesn’t have to specifically follow this as they can be more varied in their designs, what a lot of people look for in hats is the kind of hat rather than just the design.



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