Time Plan

When Looking at my time plan for the first two weeks, I found that I was ahead of my work, I had a decent amount of research and book work stored up and my project was going well. I always have difficulty with dealing with motivation and procrastination however at the start of a project I always have a burst of determination. That is the case here where I was massively ahead of my work and on track. However after this I hit a slump and work began to slow down as Easter was pretty close at this point.


For the third week, everything was still on track and while I was slowing down, I was still working at a good level and keeping on track with my work. The fourth and fifth week however is when my work massively fell behind as throughout the Easter Holidays I was busy and I find it very hard to work at home because of distractions and general procrastination. This was a huge problem for me as when I got back to college on the sixth week, I hadn’t finished my idea generation. I overcame this in a way which reflecting back on it was terrible, and that was to do 3 weeks worth of work in one week, this meant that a lot of back tracking took place, with research, blog work and some book work having to be done later so I could get the main parts of my drafting and idea generation completed. On the seventh week, I was still working on my drafts and was not close to finishing my final piece, this was still a problem for me and so a lot of things had to be pushed back, this included my Mid Point evaluation, and my exhibition research. On the eighth week I had just about finished my final pieces and was ready to start printing them in preparation for my exhibition. I decided to print 9 of the 10 pieces as A3 at college and then get my last poster which is the four boards all lined up will be done as an A2. By the ninth week, I had a lot of my work finished, however I would end up spending the rest of May finishing my blog/book work as a lot of was left behind in order to get my finals done. This is a very inefficient way of doing things and if I were able to go back and redo my project, I would be sure to get all of my idea generation and drafting done in those two weeks where nothing was done, that was my biggest weakness and I hope to overcome that in the future in order to avoid doing it again.



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