Audience Surveys

When looking at surveys from my target audience, I used my peers at college in order to complete this. These were the age ranges which a majority of them being 18 and older, this was crucial as they are the primary target audience. I ended up getting 15 people in total to complete this survey.

survey 1

My next question, yielded a 60% saying they skate or have previously done so. This meant that my results would be accurate and would also greatly effect my work as I could listen to this feedback with more confidence.

survey 2

I also had a 60% majority of people saying that skateboard designs interested them with only 1/3 of them saying that they weren’t always interested. This meant that I could rely on their judgement since they had an interest in the designs.

survey 3

This was a perfect 3-way tie for people who would consider themselves indies or not, or just not sure. I think that not sure counts as a good middle ground and is likely near to the kind of style I am trying to target. Hopefully this wont impact their decisions too much, and while they can’t see the designs, I think that their opinion is still valid enough to make judgements about my own work.

survey 4

I was much happier to see this stat, which showed an overwhelming acceptance of typography to some degree. This is great news to me as it means that what I’m working on right now should be right alongside my target audience.

survey 5

This was little more troubling as not many of them would be as interested having it on a board. However that isn’t specifically a no as only 20% of people were against it. This on the other hand is good news and means that people are interested in some respect to see the final product.

survey 6

The majority of people said they choose board design over the brand, this is great to know as my work is totally based on the designs and if that falls through then I wouldn’t have much to work on.

survey 7

50% of the people I surveyed say they were stylised clothing, this is hard to judge though as they may were clothes that are similar to a certain style but they don’t associate themselves with that style.

survey 8

This poll doesn’t really bother me too much but it seems a lot of people in this survey don’t care about the design or the brand. Whereas the people that do seem to prefer design over branding which is very useful for me as my clothes are also totally based on the design rather than a brand.

survey 9

The people that I surveyed were primarily Indie/Hipster with 5 while punk being the second most popular with 4. This is pretty useful information to have as it shows that the majority of the people I talked to are directly the demographic I am targeting.

survey 10

This is the biggest piece of information to me I was worried people wouldn’t like having the apparel and the boards different in terms of designs however I found that it was the complete opposite. That 80% of people wanted the design and what they were wearing to be different which is great for me and my work. Overall I think that these surveys have been a great help to me and have put great confidence in me and my work that it will perfectly target my audience and their preferences.

survey 11


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