Exhibition Research

When looking at other skateboard based exhibitions. The first and biggest exhibition was the ‘House of Vans’ exhibition in London. The first thing to note is that this exhibition is huge and takes up an entire warehouse. They a virtual tour and an entrance fee, what I am doing is no where near to the scale of this project. However it is interesting to see how they have presented their work and what they have done on their website to promote this and also the things they’ve included to the exhibition.


To begin with, their design and layout is very reminiscent to indie designs due to the sleek and monochrome design along with the huge amount of negative space on the page. This helps bring focus to the main parts of the page with is the title, the logo, the social media and the hot bar at the top.


This is all I could get from their actual exhibition as the virtual tour obviously didn’t want to show everything. However it is interesting to not their composition choices having everything lined up but then being completely random in terms of sizes and themes. Also this is all photography based not showing any information on plaques, this is probably because this is a tour based exhibition rather than a self guided one. I’m not sure what I can take from this because it’s so chaotic and unorganised, however maybe that’s what they wanted to do and what they were aiming towards.

A lot of the exhibition was an underground skatepark with ramps, rails and benches. This is pretty amazing and interactive and I love the fact that the whole thing is available as an online guided tour as it adds that great sense of involvement and interactivity.

Here they have a lecture theatre, probably to talk about Vans and future projects or possibly their history to teach people about the company. Builds more great interactivity to the tour and a good edition to the exhibition.


Even the entrance is themed just like a skatepark, this whole exhibition is themed perfectly and this really just proves it. The entire building looks derelict and run down while still remaining charming and visually pleasing to look at. This really gives me great ideas about creating a theme for my exhibition and how I will present my work. Since I am going for more indie feel and so this rustic and industrial feeling wont really appeal to my target audience. So I will be looking at company websites and how they present their boards and clothing to get an idea of how to make my exhibition look like a website store front, as much as I can.



I began looking at websites and the first one I came across was ‘Tactics’. I found that their layout was really quite basic in both their boards section and their clothes department, with the occasional banner and promotional picture. I actually think that in terms of presenting these boards and posters, that this is going to be the best way to do it, and to get it as accurate to looking like a storefront as well. Therefor I think that this is actually a great help to coming up with my exhibition and the layout of it.


I then went onto ‘Skate Warehouse’ and I found pretty much the exact same layout and composition style. Therefor there isn’t much I can say about this as I will be taking the same amount of influence from the page for my own work. However this does secure my knowledge that most websites layout is like this and so I should do everything I can to bring that into my exhibition layout.



I then took some images from google images and found that pretty much all art based exhibitions include the actual board as the display rather than just posters. This means that I should for sure get my own print done in order to link this to my own work. Hopefully I can do this and still appeal to my target audience and make sure my exhibition links to my idea of creating it like a webpage if I have physical items on display as well.

Here I drew up a quick draft and thought process about what my display will look. The idea was to get the display to look like an online store front while still having physical pieces to add to the realism and to make the actual display more interactive and interesting to look at. I want to have a mannequin with the board balancing on it and making it look like it’s holding the board. I have no idea if this will come to fruition however I think the idea is very strong and applies itself well to my target audience. I want a board lineup which would be the same order as the A2 print however I have a feeling that I wont have enough space and that I may have overestimated the size of an A2 print. One specific idea I want to get across with the clothes board is that I want the layout to look like a hashtag with the grid styled layout. I have no idea if this will get across however I think that including this will help get across my thought process of how I want to get my display across and how I want to help connect it to my audience.






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