Colour/Semiotic Theory

When looking at relevant colour theory to my work. I started by looking at white since that is the most prominent colour amongst all of the designs. I knew before my research that white symbolises purity and cleanliness which can help promote my work as more modern and cleaner, helping appeal to my audience. One important thing to note from this picture however is that it says that white is the best selling colour for shirts in America. Which if it’s the case, would be great for sales for my shirts and jumpers since they are all white. It may also impact the boards as well as 3/4 of them contain large amounts of white in them.


These are the most obvious and compelling traits for white here which as you can see relates to what I was saying before and backing up my statements. Once again, because of whites link to modern and precise designs, it would greatly help link to my audience which are modern/indie people, who would be greatly affected by the colour of the product.


When it came to blue, I found that only 2 of my boards used blue however I still felt like it was an important colour to cover as it does have a link to the ideology of Asian cultures. This being its link to relaxation, tranquillity and peacefulness. These are all strong emotions and cultural terms used among Asia and feature on many of their flags (however red is used more), therefor I think that it’s inclusion on my boards will greatly help connecting the Asian themes I’m going for and my board designs.


Red is the most important colour on this list as it signifies luck and power in many Asian cultures. This is a big selling point for my work as it connects the most influential colour in all of Asia to my work, my boards and shirts included. This is fantastic for me as it applies this colour theory to my work and to my audience as red is quite a stylish colour and provokes motivation and excitement to it’s viewers.


Here I found an extract explaining the symbolism of the colour red in Asian culture further backing up my original point. These were really the only colours used in the designs apart from Black which was just used as a base for the font however I feel like it worthwhile to note it’s impact on the designs due to its sense of power and mystery which are again two very strong emotions for this design as the black is made to stand out and be powerful to look at and also the mysterious nature of Asian languages.



When it came to Semiotic theory I struggled with the definition of it and how it could apply to my work. I found that the best link I could find was the fact that the languages used are confusing and mysterious and the way that people interpret will vary from person to person. Without the definition it can create this sense of uncertainty and mystery which helps connect to my underlying theme of mystery and confusion as without the translation, the viewer is lost on the meaning of the board and wheels.




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